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Maumee Valley Save-A-Pet is a proud member of Northwest Ohio Community Shares.

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My name is Moe and I'm a handsome fellow. I am a male born in 2006 who came from a very crowded house. I can be a little shy and like to hang out at my discretion but when you look like me, well, you can be picky. I like other cats and dogs.


MVSAP is having Trick-or-trick with the kiddos at the Indian Creek Zoo on October 5th & 6th!
Click here to go to our Fundraiser page for more info!

Maumee Valley Save-A-Pet open Nine Lives Resale Shop! Donation days are happening now! For more information on the shop and how to donate, please click here!

Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litters who regularly supplies us with litter for our shelter has again generously donated an extra pallet of cat litter so we can give away a bag of litter with each new cat adoption! Read more here under our Donations in Action page.

MVSAP's new Kitty Cabana featured in the Toledo Blade! Click here to read the article!


Maumee Valley Save-A-Pet was founded in 1977 by a small group of Toledo residents in response to the vast overpopulation of stray and abandoned animals in our community. Save-A-Pet received its charter as a non-profit organization in 1978 and the current system of foster home care was created shortly afterward. Today, Save-A-Pet is more than 450 members strong with an open to the public animal shelter and a foster home network. Since our inception, Maumee Valley Save-A-Pet has placed thousands of kittens, puppies, cats, and dogs in loving, permanent homes.

  • Non profit, no-kill organization
  • 85.65% of all donations directly benefit homeless animals in the Toledo area
  • Responsible adoptions


Our Mission 

Maumee Valley Save-A-Pet was founded on the belief that every companion animal deserves a loving, responsible and permanent home. In short, no animal homeless, and no animal unloved, abused or neglected.

To fulfill that mission, Save-A-Pet: 

  • Offers spay and neuter assistance
  • Promotes responsible pet ownership among the public
  • Seeks responsible, permanent homes for our animals


Current Officers

President: Lori Friedes
Vice President: Janet O'Brien
Treasurer: Marlene Rex
Secretary: Carol Furfaro


Vet-A-Pet Helps local companion Animals!


Thanks to all of you who gave to our Vet-A-pet fund to cover the costs of vet care for the companion animals of financially-challenged owners.  Because you gave to this life-saving fund we were able to help two dogs in the public.

Harley’s “mom” needed help when he started having seizures.  We were able to send him in for tests to determine the cause of his seizures and cover the medication that he needed. Harley is now on medication and his seizures are under control.


Another puppy who needed our help was Hiccup, a 10 week old who swallowed a foreign object that wouldn’t pass through his system. Exploratory surgery revealed that an extensive amount of Hiccup’s intestines were damaged and would require removal. His prognosis was not good and our veterinarian felt that the likelihood of recovery and a good quality of life was very poor and the difficult decision to euthanize Hiccup was made.  But his owner at least knew that everything had been done for him that could be.  As a cautionary note:  the surgery showed that Hiccup  swallowed a “footie” with the thin plastic gripper back which caught in his stomach, preventing it from passing through. Dogs and puppies love to chew on things that smell like us so it’s a good idea to make sure that even the smallest article of clothing is up off the floor especially with puppies.