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Maumee Valley Save-A-Pet is a proud member of Northwest Ohio Community Shares.

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Maumee Valley Save-A-Pet exists through the generous support of the community and donations that are needed for us to provide our services. Here are some of the programs that exist and things we've been able to do because of your continued generosity and support.

We love Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litters!

We love Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat litters! Besides making a great litter, they are philanthropic and regularly donate litter for us to use in the shelter which saves us valuable dollars! As a special bonus, Dr. Elsey's has donated an extra pallet so that we can give every one of our cat adopters a complimentary bag of their Cat Attract litter (specially designed for cats who do not like to use the litterbox). Three cheers (and lots of meows) to them. Thank you! You can follow them on Facebook HERE or visit their website at


Darby, Our First Lucas County Dog Warden Dog, Arrives at The Shelter!

On August 24th, we took in our first dog as part of our participation in the Transfer Partner Program with the Lucas County Dog Warden.

Darby is a 5 month old male beagle who was picked up by the Dog Warden with a broken leg which prevented him from being offered to the public so we stepped in and transferred him to our facility.  Dr. Boudouris determined that both the tibia and fibula in the back leg had been fractured but would require only a splint. Then Darby spent his first night at a foster home where he was the perfect little gentleman to the resident cats.  He went to the door when he needed to go out and slept the whole night through in bed with his temporary foster mom.  He is amazingly well-behaved and already housebroken at 5 months.  Darby is on cage rest for three weeks until his splint can be removed and the leg rechecked. 

Spay/Neuter Results

In September and October 2010, Maumee Valley Save-A-Pet approved the spaying/neutering of 100 feral, stray or low-income-owned cats and 14 low-income-owned dogs.  This could not be accomplished without grant money and your donations, earmarked specifically for the spay/neuter program, to pay the vet expenses.  Please consider making a special donation to MVSAP to keep down the stray cat and dog population in Toledo.

The Honey Fund

The Honey Fund was created to remember a most amazing cat, Honey, who was adopted from Maumee Valley Save-A-Pet in November 2002, and who died much too soon in January 2007 at the age of 14.  It is also intended to increase awareness and interest in potential adopters of the benefits of adopting an older cat or dog.

An older animal is less likely to destructively scratch, chew, and climb, will be housebroken, and will be calmer and more loving - and could even save a life - yours! 

Any qualified adopter who is interested in an older cat (7 years or older) or an older dog (5 years or older) will pay a reduced adoption fee. The difference will come from the Honey Fund, so Save-A-Pet will not be losing any money.

Please make a donation to Maumee Valley Save-A-Pet, "The Honey Fund", 5250 Hill Ave., Toledo, OH  43615, if you are interested in helping Maumee Valley Save-A-Pet's "seniors" find happy homes.

Also, if you are planning to adopt an older pet, be sure to ask about the Honey Fund! 

Please consider an older cat or dog - they may be seniors, but their love for you will be forever young.